1:1 Nutritional Therapy

Reset Nutritional Program                                                                                                                              $375.00  This comprehensive individualized short program is best suited for those looking for supplemental support in making healthier changes or those new to Nutritional Therapy. Available in person, by phone or virtual. *Subject to Practitioner discretion.

  • 4 total visits

  • One initial consultation where we will address your concerns and review your nutrition and health history, food journal and nutritional assessment questionnaire.

  • 1 follow up- session where you will receive the results of your nutrition assessments and a personalized custom nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to implement including food recommendations and supplements if suggested.

  • Two follow-up sessions to answer any questions or to tweak your program

~Can be applied to Comprehensive Nutritional Program ~Expires 60 days from initial consultation      

Comprehensive Nutritional Program                                                                                      $697.00 Comprehensive individualized nutrition and wellness program tailored to your body’s bio-individual needs.  This program is best suited for someone who is suffering from health symptoms and/or conditions.   Available in person, by phone or virtual.

  • 8 total visits with extensive resources over approximately 4 months

    This 1:1 Program includes a comprehensive investigation into your individual needs using data from your health history, nutritional assessment reports, and a food & mood journal.  

  • First, we will meet for an extended initial consult to more deeply explore your concerns and issues.  This will be followed up with a shorter visit (in-person or virtually) to provide you with a personalized custom nutrition and lifestyle plan, including food recommendations and supplements, if suggested.  

  • Subsequent to that, we will have six more additional follow-up visits. They can involve cleaning out your pantry or navigating the grocery store with custom guidance to teach you what to pitch, what to keep, what to swap and how to be a food label detective, or you can choose to keep the regular follow up sessions where we will review what is working, identify obstacles and refine your protocol.  

  • Throughout our time together, you will receive unlimited support via email and text check-ins/communications in-between visits or calls.

  • Individual nutritional plan tailored to your unique health goals and bio-individuality

  • Recipes, strategies and handouts to help to get you on the road to the healthier you!

    ~Expires 4 months from initial consultation      


A-la-carte Sessions and Optional Services

Initial Consultation Only   ( 1 hr. 30 mins. )                                                                                                                   $180.00   One 90-120 initial consultation which includes a detailed analysis and review of your nutrition and health history, food journal and nutritional assessment questionnaire.

Office visit after completion of my RESET or Comprehensive Nutrition Program

  • Office Visit - 60 minutes $75.00**

    **Available to those who have completed a RESET or Comprehensive Nutritional Program with me (ending within 2 months of completion of the program) and are interested in additional follow-up sessions to fine tune their current nutritional plan.

Optional Services

  • Grocery Store Tour – We will meet at your local grocery store (or one where you typically shop) where we will read labels and discuss different food options that are right for your body. One hour $75.00

  • Fridge and Pantry Clean Out - Together we will review the items in your refrigerator and pantry and I will provide alternate whole food options that will keep you satisfied and that taste delicious! One hour $75.00