Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners have several tools that we use to make determinations relating to nutritional sensitivities and imbalances in the body.   The Functional Evaluation (FE) is performed and this, in my opinion is what sets a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner apart from others in the field of nutrition. The FE involves a series of palpations and other tests (such as pulse, blood pressure, pH of saliva, etc.) that help me to identify specific areas of nutritional weakness in the body.  The exam is not invasive nor painful, however I do look for a tenderness rating for each reflex and palpation point.  This can be uncomfortable if you have imbalances or inflammation.   The second part of the FE involves Lingual-Neuro testing (LNT).  The LNT process allows me to determine if a particular nutrient/supplement/food is beneficial to your body.  After using the series of physical indicators from the FE and determine the client’s baseline, I can perform the LNT on certain reflex points.  I would ask the client to place the food/supplement/nutrient on their tongue and retest the reflex point from the FE to determine if there is a change in the tenderness rating.  If the food/supplement/nutrient is beneficial to the body, the tenderness rating will go down significantly.  The LNT goes hand in hand with the FE, it is a feedback mechanism based on the neurological response of the taste buds and how they communicate with the brain through the central nervous system.   I use the Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing with a review of your food journal, Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire and initial interview to analyze the client’s health history which will provide me with all of the information I need to provide the client with a detailed, well-guided recommendations for diet, nutrition and lifestyle based on his bio-individual needs. 

*I am not a registered dietitian or a doctor and I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.  I will make nutritional recommendations for balancing the body, mind and soul to promote optimal wellness based on my completed coursework through the Nutritional Therapy Association.