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I believe that food should make you feel energized and good, not make you want to take a nap after eating it!  Food should be appreciated and savored!  I know what it’s like to feel bloated and gassy after eating a meal that you looked so forward to eating!  Oh yes, I’ve been there!  Aches and pains for no apparent reason, that feeling of sluggishness or being overly tired in the afternoon and reaching for coffee to keep me going until bed time.  Yes, I’ve been there.  Having had my own struggles with food, I am here to teach you what foods are good for your body and which ones should be avoided.   

You see, we are all bio-individual and not one of us is alike, so we can’t possibly eat the same as anyone else!   

I will teach you self-care through nutrition and wellness practices, and you will be amazed to find how good you feel when you remove your trigger foods from your diet.  I will help you nourish your body and soul and restore you to the vibrant YOU you are meant to be!    

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